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    U.S. Government Is Preparing a Military Response to Coming Social Chaos!


    U.S. Government Is Preparing a Military  Response to Coming Social Chaos! Empty U.S. Government Is Preparing a Military Response to Coming Social Chaos!

    Post by michael144/Admin on Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:08 am

    U.S. Government Is Preparing a Military Response to Coming Social Chaos!

    By David J. Smith 4/11/09

    The threat of a social meltdown into chaos is so large, a domestic law-enforcement arm of the U.S. military, referred to by The Army Times as the "Consequence Management Response Force," has been created to deal with what U.S. officials believe to be coming – an unprecedented wave of massive social chaos!

    Those who have been working for world government have long used the phrase, "Order out of chaos!" They stated in the Protocols, discovered by Russian Professor Nilus in 1904, that they would CREATE or ENGINEER social chaos and a collapse of the stock markets, which were based upon speculation. This would throw millions out of jobs and cause people to panic. People would accept their man as a "savior" to lead them out of chaos.

    These things were to be orchestrated as they were approaching their world government. They were to accumulate all the gold and silver into their own hands. They would merge large corporations, so they could survive the economic meltdown. What have we witnessed since 1995? We have seen billion dollar mergers that defied the imagination.

    Outgoing Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson told Senator Inhofe and Representative Brad Sherman that so much financial mayhem lay ahead that U.S. troops might have to impose martial law to deal with the social unrest.

    A new report by the Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute states flatly the U.S. military must prepare for "a violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States" that could be provoked by "unforeseen economic collapse" or "loss of functioning political and legal order." Could this be caused by the people finding out that we have an Indonesian citizen, not an American citizen as the Constitution stipulates, sitting in the Oval office passing illegal executive orders and running the country as a dictator?

    In 2008, The Washington Post noted the incoming Obama Administration was going to "earmark" at least 20,000 troops returning from Iraq to deal with "domestic emergencies." Since then, the Army Times has broken the story that the domestic emergency army unit has been increased to 80,000 troops, who are being trained right now in Georgia!

    It is interesting to note that President John F. Kennedy sent, to the United Nations, the United States' plan to begin to reduce our military while increasing INTERNAL military forces. This would handle riots when the U.S. surrenders its final sovereignty to the United Nations as a world government!!!

    U.S. officials expect big trouble ahead, but they are not warning the general public about the danger. Why? Because their long range plan for America is reaching a climax!!!

    A rare critic of the government's "keep-the-public-in-the-dark" policy is former head of the U.S. Commission on National Security, Stephen Flynn. He noted in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial: "Too many officials believe telling the truth to Americans about the risk would set off a nationwide panic. Thus, they keep US SHEEP in the dark for our own good." Or do they keep us in the dark because they know the American people will not tolerate a Socialist/Communist World Government that is being forced upon them?!!!

    Why would Washington, D.C. expect to use military troops against its own citizens, in total disregard of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which forbids it? The CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, recently conceded the U.S. might be descending into a depression.

    Until a few months ago, Washington officials weren't even using the word "recession." The "experts" are finally confessing to what the rest of us have already seen: Ghost malls springing up from coast to coast, with an estimated 148,000 store closures projected for 2009 – including Steve and Barrys, Sharper Image, Wicks, Levitz, CompUSA, Circuit City, Linens and Things, KB Toys, Whitehall Jewelers, and Shoe Pavilion.

    Those U.S. policy-makers not "in the know" of the plan for America and the world economic destruction to usher in World Government are frightened at the prospects of other huge chain stores on the brink of bankruptcy in 2009. A few are: Philip Van Heusen (IZOD & Calvin Klein), Macys, Office Depot, Pacific Sunware, Pep Boys, Sprint-Nextel service stores, Ethan Allen, Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant, Dillards, Starbucks, the Gap, Footlocker, and Home Depot.

    John Williams, of the authoritative Shadow Government Statistics, notes that un-manipulated government statistics suggest a whopping civilian unemployment rate of 17% - with a projected total to exceed 30%. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, unemployment approached an historic 25%.

    In a Wall Street Journal article dated January 28, 2009, it warned: "One troubling sign is that states that were first into recession … are getting worse, not better …"

    The recent G-20 economic summit has a solution. That solution would transfer the Federal Reserve System and the U.S. Treasury Department under the International Monetary Fund, a World Government bank that will cause our economy to be regulated by the International Community – the United Nations! Conspiracy theorists have said this for decades and nobody would listen. IT WILL BE TOO LATE WHEN OBAMA IS FINISHED WITH US!!! Of course, Obama is the SEEN enemy of the U.S. The International Bankers just pull his strings. Is freedom lost???

    Thank you,

    The Editor
    U.S. Government Is Preparing a Military  Response to Coming Social Chaos! Davidsignature
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