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Eight N.Y. High School Students Test Positive for Swine Flu, N.Y. Mayor Says

The federal government declares a public health emergency, as the number of cases of swine flu in the U.S. rises to 20.

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    Post by michael144/Admin on Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:05 pm

    To all those who have taken an oath to defend the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic - BE ADVISED of the following:
    Over the next 6 months, law enforcement and the military will be given unlawful and illegal orders to round up and purge all dissidents against the New World Order crowd. The purge is the systematic liquidation of all those identified as a threat against the Globalist Plan. Furthermore, all TEA Party participants have been filmed and their license plate information taken by all FBI Special Agents in charge at all the rallies. Consider the ramifications... Since coming to office, the current regime has devoted massive amounts of money and Federal Spy Agency assets to identifying gun owners and those in the military who still love this Country and take their oath seriously. All former combat Veterans, Special Forces, Green Berets, Delta, and Spec operations personnel must absolutely change your physical location and TELL NO ONE! With DHS having validated the Seek and Destroy Lists, their plans are now being set in motion! Does it not make you furious that men and women in the Armed Forces who have fought all these years for the principles that the Constitutional Republic ONCE Stood for, are now deemed terrorists by the DHS along with Constitutionalists, Christians, gun owners and those who speak out against the foreign destruction of America's economy. Domestic security is now defined as "quell all first amendment rights. Period!" Whether false flag or intentional acts of globalist terror incidents, the events will be orchestrated to blame the "DHS hit list people". Whether you know it or not, by painting conservatives and people who are against the New World Order with such a "terroristic civil rights violating hit piece" you have not only been vilified but have been targeted for extermination. Anyone who would follow orders to take your guns away will not hesitate to BLOW YOU AWAY. History has proven this time and time again! The Psalmist wrote "If the foundations be destroyed what shall the righteous do?" Our only Hope is to repent and cry out to the Living God and seek his personal direction and guidance. While we can not stop the hand of Divine Judgment, we can know our God and do exploits! Write your Senators and Congressmen and women — scream at the top of your lungs, write editorials; do all that you can do legally. But remember, very soon when they initiate their attacks, you will have no one to blame except yourselves while there is still a whisper of time to make a difference for Righteousness Sake.


    Post by michael144/Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:44 am

    Retired Navy Seal Agrees With Orange Alert

    April 22, 2009

    Unnamed Retired Navy Seal

    Read your Orange Alert and passed it on to my ex Navy Seal friend and his take is as follows: He agrees with your assessment but thinks the time frame is more likely to be by July of this year.

    He also says shiploads of Hamas fighters are being sent to this country and if this is a fact, it would explain Obama's brain fart to send 100,000 of our troops to Afghanistan so they would not be in play to fight against the foreign "invasion". A perfect place to "hide" these Hamas fighters would be, in my opinion, in all of the Concentration Camp facilities located throughout the U.S.

    When the takeover order is given it will be total bedlam when the Hamas fighters are deployed and start the war on our soil. Yes we have many citizens with guns and such but are you aware there is a critical shortage of ammo? No bullet no bango! I hope you tell me I'm a bit short of a full deck but I smell a rat of tremendous size if all this comes to pass. Keep up the good work Steve.

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