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    Big Brother At Your Front Door: Recording GPS Coordinates


    Big Brother At Your Front Door: Recording GPS Coordinates

    Post by michael144/Admin on Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:30 pm
    Last week, a friend from northern Idaho called me and said that the Census Bureau was sending out people to get the GPS coordinates for every front door in the United States. She found out about it when a person showed up at her front door with a hand held computer and she told her what she was doing. The day before my friend called, a Census Bureau representative had been at my front door also - but all she told me was that she was verifying addresses. I had no idea that she was GPS marking my front door.

    The phone call was followed-up with an email alert and a second alert.

    This email is the second one -

    I've had people question if this e-mail is a hoax. It is not!

    This was sent out by Idaho Eagle Forum's State President, Jane Lesko and was also heard on Jack McLamb's radio program Friday April 10, 2009.

    I will add to this that the Boise U.S. Census Bureau said that this requirement was coming from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Also I will add a quote from a write-up from the U.S. Census Bureau, "The ability to capture GPS coordinates for most of the nation's housing units will greatly reduce the number of geographic coding errors caused by using paper maps in previous counts."

    The issue of recording GPS coordinates of your front door was also discussed for a few minutes on the Greg Everson program on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) on Saturday and Jane was a guest on the Jack McLamb program again on his Sunday program on RBN.

    The Michael Baker Jr. Corporation was given the contract to collect the GPS coordinates. More information on this company and the contract will be found below the email alert.

    Alert!--- U.S. Census Bureau to GPS every front door in America.
    April 11, 2009

    A few days ago a women showed up at my front door (way out in the country) saying that she worked for the U.S. Census Bureau and she was going to GPS my front door. She stated that she did not know why they would want to do this since everyone in America already has a GPS address. (GPS, global positioning system, the satellite has a location and picture of your property) The women also said that her supervisor told them that they could climb locked gates with "NO TRESPASSING" signs on them.

    I was told they are hired to do this in three months, she was not taking a census until next year, and it was needed to make sure that everyone receives the census mail-out next year, 2010.

    NOTE: The truth is that the U.S. Census Bureau is doing an Address Canvassing Operation using GPS- equipped handheld computers to GPS every front door of homes, apartments, converted garages, homeless shelters, and anything they believe that someone might live in, in America, so that the Bureau can send every household a Census Questionnaire in March of 2010. (There are other people we have spoken to who believe that the GPS front doors of America may be used for MILITARY purposes and that this is a violation of privacy. They want the exact location of your front door.)

    I called the U.S. Census Bureau in Boise (for Idaho) 208-319-3341 and asked by what authority and law was the U.S. Census Bureau using to GPS every front door. I was told that they were allowed by some federal law and that they would get back to me.

    A friend called me and was mad because one of these census takers was roaming around at their garbage transfer station and trespassing. One of her employees told the census taker to get off their land that he was trespassing. The census taker said that there were three residences on that land. The employee told him that no one lives out there. The owner called the sheriff's office. I told the owner to call the U.S. Census Bureau office in Boise to complain. When she called them she told them that she was going to file a trespassing charge and the man at the office said that nothing would come of it because Federal trumps State. They sent her Sec. 223, Title 13, U.S. Code, Chapter 7, Subtitle 2. This explains the penalties for refusing to provide names and statistics of occupants when asked for by a census taker. This only applies when they are taking a census. The census will not be taken until next year 2010. The penalty for refusing to answer questions for a census is up to $500.00.

    GPS-ing front doors is not taking a census and is not even mentioned in the section of law they hide behind to allow them to do this.

    Contact your State and Federal Legislators and complain about this intrusion of America's privacy. Every front door in America is being GPS-ed even as this e-mail is being sent out!!!

    Please pray for the safety of America!!!

    -----Idaho Eagle Forum

    Re: Big Brother At Your Front Door: Recording GPS Coordinates

    Post by michael144/Admin on Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:33 pm

    This is very suspicious activity. Who are they going to give the co ordinance to? Are they marking those who have registered guns?

    Re: Big Brother At Your Front Door: Recording GPS Coordinates

    Post by michael144/Admin on Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:34 pm


    reports on the US Census Bureau going door-to-door, nationwide, to
    place YOUR front door "coordinates" into a Global Positioning System
    (GPS) for marking/mapping purposes; without your consent - and if you
    are not home - without your knowledge. Now, why does anyone need GPS
    Coordinates on every front door in America? Who is really doing this?
    What good reason can they possibly have for such an expensive project?
    Listen to this interview and find out.

    Hour 2 GCN "POWER HOUR"

    Hour 3 GCN "POWER HOUR"

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    Big Brother At Your Front Door: Recording GPS Coordinates

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    Re: Big Brother At Your Front Door: Recording GPS Coordinates

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