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    The Right to Bear Arms!


    The Right to Bear Arms! Empty The Right to Bear Arms!

    Post by michael144/Admin on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:27 pm

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    By David J. Smith 3/21/09

    In the Bible, the word compact means to "come together; unite in association." Ancient Israel had a compact with their God. They were to obey His Covenant [Laws, etc], and He would be their God. He would protect them from foreign invaders.

    The compact was to be agreed upon by both parties: God and Israel! If either party violated the compact, covenant, agreement, then the other party was not bound by the terms of the agreement any longer.

    When the United States of America was being founded, each participant was an independent nation-state that stood alone in the world of nations. After they fought Britain and won their independence, they held a meeting in which they discussed "uniting in association" or "coming together" without any state losing their individual nation-state status.

    They agreed by COMPACT to create a national government with VERY LIMITED POWERS that would not infringe upon their individual nation-state status. This national government was NEVER to operate outside the perimeters of the written COMPACT, called the Constitution.

    By the very nature and meaning of the word COMPACT, if the national government violated the terms of the agreement, the individual nation-state could withdraw from that UNION LEGALLY!!!

    All of this information is verified in the Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. Under the word COMPACT, it says: "An agreement between two parties; a covenant or contract."

    We make compacts, agreements, covenants, or contracts all the time. When you purchase a new home and need money, you make an agreement, covenant, compact, or contract with a financial lending institution to furnish the money you lack and you agree to pay it back on a timely schedule. If either party fails to live up to their part of the agreement, covenant, contract, or compact, it is no longer a binding COMPACT!!!

    Our Founding Fathers knew this information to be true. William Rawle, U.S. District Attorney under President George Washington, said: "The Union is an ASSOCIATION of the people of Republics; its preservation is calculated to DEPEND ON THE PRESERVATION OF THOSE REPUBLICS … It depends on the State itself. TO RETAIN OR ABOLISH THE PRINCIPLE OF REPRESENTATION; BECAUSE it depends on itself, whether it will continue a member of the Union. To DENY this RIGHT, would be inconsistent with the principles on which all our political systems are founded; …" William Rawle's book was taught to our military leaders at West Point from 1825-26. The eleven Southern States KNEW their LEGAL, Constitutional Rights. This knowledge caused the phrase, "The War of Northern Aggression," to be used in some quarters until this day.

    After the Constitutional Convention, several states balked at the idea of a strong centralized government. According to a seven-page booklet published by the Women for Constitutional Government, seven states included the right of secession in their acts of ratification of the Constitution. According to this booklet, four of the seven states were New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. These were hardly Southern states.

    The delegates for the nation-state of Virginia, in their ratification statement, expressed the right of secession most clearly when they wrote: "We, the delegates of the people of Virginia, duly elected … do, in the name and behalf of the people of Virginia, DECLARE AND MAKE KNOWN, that the powers granted under the Constitution, being derived from the people of the United States, may be RESUMED [taken back] by them, WHENEVER the same shall BE PERVERTED in their INJURY OR OPPRESSION."

    New York's ratification statements regarding the right of secession are just as clear. They state: "That the powers of government may be reassumed BY THE PEOPLE, whensoever it shall become NECESSARY to their happiness; that every power, jurisdiction and right, which is not, by the said Constitution, delegated to the Congress of the United States, or the departments thereof, REMAINS TO THE PEOPLE OF THE SEVERAL STATES, or to their respective State governments, to whom they have granted the same."

    The ratification papers of several states clearly recognize the states' right of secession UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. More importantly, by accepting these ratification statements, with the RIGHT of secession CLEARLY spelled out, THE OTHER STATES FORMALLY ACCEPTED THOSE SECESSION PRINCIPLES THAT WERE SO STATED FOR THEMSELVES.

    The Federal Government has violated their delegated powers, so secession is LEGAL!!!

    Thank you,

    The Editor

    David J. Smith

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