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    Assault on America!/3-28-09


    Assault on America!/3-28-09 Empty Assault on America!/3-28-09

    Post by michael144/Admin on Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:23 am

    By David J. Smith with Congressman Ron Paul (TX)

    The Elites of BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties consider themselves to be citizens of the world – not of the United States. To the Elites, the United States of America is an outdated idea. According to them, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution should be tossed away as a relic of forgotten history. To these people, the U.S. is NO longer a sovereign nation governed by the consent of its citizens, but is instead nothing more than a spoke in their global village. These international power brokers created the European Union to make their global wheel of fortune turn. Now they are working to create the North American Union to make their wheel of fortune spin even faster.

    Remember, the European Union started as a simple trade agreement among various independent nations throughout Europe. From those "innocent" beginnings, the E.U. has grown to become a supra-regional government. Of course, that's what the Elites wanted all along! And that's what they want for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox stated that this was their long-term goal on the CNN Larry King Live show – trade first, then the political merging into one big happy family, called the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America." The blueprints are finished and construction has begun.

    The Elites want to pick your pockets, America. The governing class wants you to shut up, pay your taxes, and believe what they tell you. They believe they know what's best for you, your family, our country, and the world itself! The move to impose a direct tax on U.S. citizens by the United Nations has been underway for decades, and gets closer to reality every day. Such a direct tax on Americans (such as tax on airline tickets, currency transactions, or on every barrel of imported oil) would fill U.N. coffers to overflowing. Congressman Ron Paul (TX) entered an amendment to protect Americans from being taxed by the U.N., and it was accepted.

    In addressing the importance of this legislative victory, Paul explained:

    "The U.N. continues to build the foundation for global government, and a worldwide tax is the key to their agenda. This is not hyperbole – in fact, the U.N.'s own website is quite open about the organization's ambitions. The U.N. has established a system of international laws and international courts; now it needs an ENFORCEMENT mechanism in the form of an INTERNATIONAL ARMY. If bureaucrats succeed in creating a worldwide tax, they will become totally unaccountable to national governments and their citizens."

    Another major threat America faces in Congress is immigration reform. We had better know what they mean when they mention "reform." According to the Washington Times, the Senate immigration "reform" bill would grant amnesty to illegal aliens; accelerate "family chain migration;" forgive illegal aliens two years of back taxes; and grant in-state college tuition to illegal aliens. And that's not all!

    What then is wrong with these current immigration reform proposals? Senate bill 2611 would give amnesty to 85% of the 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and provide for supposedly "temporary" guest workers. The Heritage Foundation estimates this would legally admit at least 60 million people over the next 20 years. The Senate bill would also allow chain-migration by families of newly legalized aliens and would automatically provide them with many benefits, such as Social Security of elderly parents.

    So why don't the powers in Washington pass effective legislation to correct the problem of illegal immigration? BECAUSE the Elites of BOTH parties want amnesty for the illegal aliens, and they want the North America Union! There is no question the Elites want to erase the borders between the United States, Mexico, and Canada; and they want to do this soon. The Mexican ambassador to the United Nations, Enrique Berruga, recently stated that unification of North America should occur within eight years. His statement was made in 2006. We are now living with NAFTA, and we might soon be living with a NAFTA Superhighway – 4,000 miles long and 12 lanes wide highway from Mexico to Canada.

    What should, say – TEXANS – do? Or what should any other State do? We must recall our Senators and Representatives on the Federal level because of their failing to abide by their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution!!!

    Thank you,

    The Editor

    david j smith

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